A story of success

We say it,
the Dastyans say it!

Dasty Classic Degreaser is the quick and effective solution for all daily cleaning situations. Inside and outside the home.

We say it, but above all the others prove it
6.5 million Dutch consumers!
(Source MeMo2 InsightsascanTM, April 2019)

who have been using our Classic Degreaser for 25 years with satisfaction and fidelity.

It is they, the Dastyans, who are the first ambassadors
of our Degreaser.

Thanks to their enthusiasm,
over the years they have created a spontaneous community of consumers,

which thanks to word of mouth has gradually grown,
to become today a unique reality
in the world of home cleaning.

A very strong brand loyalty
and an emotional relationship
binds them with our brand and our product.

Just take a look on the web:
without any corporate initiative, the Dastyans discovered the most varied cleaning experiences
with Dasty Degreaser Classic:
from the kitchen oven to the edge of the pool,
from the bicycle to the motorcycle muffler,
from the car radiator to the ultrasonic immersion bath….etc. etc.

Dasty ClassicDegreaser: the real 100 USES !!


Fabrizio Arizzi
Inventor and Ceo