!Distinctivity, originality… And always innovation

Success is measured by consumer preference.
But what distinguishes a successful product from a «cult» product?
Certainly the number of his imitators.

In fact, when a successful product becomes a “cult”, the market is crowded
with fake copiesoften of very low quality – which confuse the consumer.

The defense of the leader is continuous innovation:
technological barriers, patent and ORIGINALITY must be raised.

Only those who have competence and creative ability can do it,
guaranteeing its loyal consumers the certainty of their own identity!

Dasty responds to this need for DISTINGUABILITY with a unique worldwide
innovation in packaging: a TRIANGULAR BOTTLE!

Beautiful, Unique, Original and UNMISTAKABLE, as is Dasty Classic
Degreaser: the only ORIGINAL.
Quality MADE in ITALY”, Dasty Classic Degreaser is unrivaled!

When you are looking for DASTY…. look for the TRIANGULAR bottle…
… you can’t go wrong!